7th Pay Commission DA Hike: फिर से बढ़ेगा 4% महंगाई भत्ता

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: The central government of the country can increase dearness allowance to all its government employees on the occasion of New Year. So in such a situation, if the government increases DA by 4%, then central employees can get DA up to 50%. Here let us tell you that dearness allowance is increased twice every year.

Now when the new year is about to come, all the government employees are in the hope that the government will increase their DA on the new year, which will be a gift for them in the coming year. If you are also a government employee and you want to get all the detailed information about dearness allowance rate, then read our today’s article completely.

th Pay Commission DA Hike

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: Let us tell you that the Central Government increases dearness allowance every year during January and July. In this way DA is increased twice a year. To increase the DA, the government looks at the AICPI figures and then increases the dearness allowance accordingly. This is the reason why sometimes the dearness allowance of central employees is increased by 3% and sometimes their dearness allowance is increased by 4%.

When the Central Government increases the dearness allowance, it also increases the dearness relief of pensioners. In this way, it affects the salaries and pensions of central employees. Let us tell you that at present all government employees are being given pension and dearness allowance under the Seventh Pay Commission. Under this, at present the government is giving DA and DR of 46%. So if the Central Government increases the dearness allowance even by 4%, then it will directly increase from 46% to 50%.

How much will the salary of central employees increase?

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: If the government increases dearness allowance and dearness relief by another 4%, it will directly impact the salaries of pensioners and employees. Under this, the salary and pension of government employees will reach 50%. So in this way, there will be an increase of up to Rs 9 thousand in the minimum salary of the employees. There is a possibility that the government may increase the dearness allowance after January next year in February or March.

What will be the DA after 50%?

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: Here for your information, let us tell you that when the Central Government implemented the 7th Pay Commission in the year 2016, at that time the government had reduced DA to absolutely zero. Actually, there is a rule that when dearness allowance reaches 50%, then it is reduced to zero. So, 50% DA is added to the salary and allowances of central employees. For example, suppose that if the basic salary of a government employee is Rs 18 thousand, then Rs 9 thousand will be added to his salary and given to him. Let us tell you that the dearness allowance will also be given separately to those employees.

Who will have dearness allowance increased?

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: Please note that some time ago, DA was increased by the government under the 6th and 7th Pay Commission. This increase was made from July 2023. Apart from this, the salary and pension of government employees in other states of the country has also been increased. Only time will tell what special gift the government is going to give to the government employees in the coming new year.

In this article we told you about 7th Pay Commission DA hike. We told you whether dearness allowance of central employees will increase in the new year or not. Apart from this, we also gave you information that if 4% higher dearness allowance is given then how much DA will be

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