Happy New Year 2024 Image नए साल के लिए खास और शानदार इमेज अपने नाम व फ़ोटो के साथ मोबाईल से ऐसे बनाएं, दोस्तों को भेजकर दे बधाई

How to make a Happy New Year Poster, Happy New Year 2024 Image, Happy New Year 2024 Poster Design, How to make a Happy New Year 2024 Poster, How to make a Happy New Year 2024 picture, How to make a poster, How to make a Happy New Year 2024 Wallpaper When 2023 ends, a new year starts। The new year 2024 is fast approaching। Every year, people await the beginning of January to welcome the new year। हम सब चाहते हैं कि नव वर्ष भर भरपूर खुशी और उत्साह से भर जाए। In such situations, we all greet our friends on the New Year and wish them happiness।

Preparations for New Year celebrations begin on December 25th। People greet the New Year at 12 midnight on December 31st by saying Happy New Year। If you also want to make the New Year 2024 special, you can make beautiful New Year wallpapers with your name and photo and send them to your loved ones। In the era of social media, people use their mobile devices to send congratulatory messages and post statuses on social media sites।

Make a similar poster for the New Year 2024 on your mobile device and post it on social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you will get a lot of likes। Put your picture on this poster and write your name and mobile number below it। You can use your photo to make a Happy New Year poster। आप भी इसे WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter और अन्य जगहों पर शेयर कर सकते हैं। मित्रों, आज हम आपको बताएँगे कैसे खुश नव वर्ष चित्र बनाएँ और 2024 का पोस्टर बनाएँ।

Diwali Poster Design 2023

Read our post till the end if you want to make a Happy New Year 2024 poster from your photo। You can write your name, mobile number, and other comments on the Happy New Year 2024 poster along with your photo। और आप इसे कहीं भी शेयर कर सकते हैं।

You will need to download an app on your smartphone in order to create a poster of Happy New Year 2024। Also, you can make a poster of Happy New Year 2024 from your photo with this app। This application lets you create a beautiful Happy New Year 2024 background for your photos। Also, you can download the picture of a Happy New Year 2024।

What is needed to make Happy New Year 2024 poster?

  • Background image which you can search in Google and download.
  • Photos (brother, sister) which you want to put on the poster.
  • PicsArt or Pixallab App which has to be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Friends, you can download background pictures with Chrome browser। When you type “Happy New Year 2024 background image” in Google, you will find many beautiful posters of Happy New Year 2024। You must select a background that will match your picture and the clothes you are wearing in it।

How to make a Happy New Year 2024 Poster from PicsArt?

First, आप PicsArt App डाउनलोड करना चाहिए। Open it now। You will see a (+) button, click on it, and then click on the button “Edit a Photo।” Now, choose the background you have downloaded। At the bottom, आप देखेंगे एक Add Photo (+) button। Select the picture you want to put on the poster after clicking on that button।

After selecting the photo, you will see an option below that photo: Remove Background. By clicking on it, you can remove the background of your photo. After removing the background, you can now place the photo where you want.

At the bottom now you will see a text option। By texting your photo with that text, you can add your name, address, phone number or any other information you want to give। Your Diwali poster is ready after you follow these steps. You can download it by using the download button below, and it will be in your gallery।

How to create Happy New Year 2024 Image from Pixallab App?

First, you need to open the Pixallab application that you have installed from the Play Store। First, new text will appear on the screen when you open the Pixellab application। This text must be removed।

You will see a delete icon above, and you should click on it to delete this new text। As soon as you click on the delete icon, this new text will be deleted। Now, in this application, you will see a box at the fourth place below. You must click on it।

After clicking on the box icon, you will scroll down and see “from Gallery” written। Your phone’s gallery will open as soon as you click on it। You now have to go to the phone’s gallery and choose the background for the Rakshabandhan poster that you just downloaded।

Your Pixellab application will show the poster background in this way। With the help of the feature available in Pixellab application, you are now able to edit this poster and include your photos, etc। Your Happy New Year 2024 poster will be ready this way। This poster can now be shared anywhere।

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