How to become HR, HR Full details of duty eligibility and salary

There are many youths who are working in H.R. Want to go in the field of HR and make your future in HR so that you can make the future bright.

To fulfill this goal, young people search how to become HR in the internet so that they can get a good guidance. To fulfill this purpose, we have written an article on how to become an HR.

HR What is the full form of ?

HR – Human Resource Management is also called HRM.

To become an HR one should have the following qualifications:

To become HR, you must be 12th pass, after 12th pass you can do MBA to HR, or Human Management course. It is about two years old. After studying HR for two years, one should pass the exam with good marks. You will get a certificate after completing the HR course.

How to become HR?

Through HR certificate, you can do job in HR anywhere. If you do not have a certificate then it will work but you must have knowledge and experience of HR.

What are the functions of HR?

If seen, there are many works of HR, yet I am going to tell you what are the works of HR.

  • After becoming an HR, the first task of HR is to make a requirement, here the meaning of requirement is to complete the work related to the employee’s file through recruitment.
  • Telling the employee about his work.
  • Making from employee’s salary and making salary of employees by the end of the month.
  • Dealing with employees politely and courteously.
  • Proper follow up of payroll and HR software.
  • Checking PF and ESIC of the employees, guiding them if there is any problem.
  • Interviewing new employees and explaining their work.
  • Following all the rules of the company which are the rules of the company.
  • To work together with the employees of the company.
  • Updating company data in computer.
  • Holding a meeting once a week.
  • Updating Benefit Statements.
  • Preparation of invoices of the parties.
  • Taking the company in which you work to a higher position than your work etc.
  • Getting audited in the company.
  • Oversee the recruitment process.

HR duties can be added here over time.

HR What is the salary?

If seen, H.R. Salary of HR varies from company to company according to its work and qualification. Salary can be from twenty thousand to thirty thousand.

HR What should be the personal qualification to become:

To become HR, there should also be personal qualification, only then you can become HR. I can cover my long journey. What is that qualification that you can follow.

  1. The body should be fine in appearance.
  2. The conversation with the employees should be soft.
  3. Always be ready towards the work of the company.
  4. Have good manners with the employees.
  5. HR should be honest and conscientious.

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What is HR and how to become one? Related Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Q:- 1. What is HR?

Ans:- 1. HR is the person who does any degree or diploma course in the field of HR. The entire company and organization is managed by HR only. This is a great course, after doing it the person is called HR.

Q:- 2. What are the objectives of HR?

Ans:- 2. HR organization is a type of group. Under which various employees work. By all of them the objective of the company is fulfilled. The main objective of HR is to make the company successful.

Q:- 3. How to become HR?

Ans:- 3. To do HR you have to pass 12th class with good marks. Simultaneously, a bachelor’s degree will have to be obtained in the field of HR. After this you can apply for the post of HR by doing internship in any company.

Q:-4. What is the fee for HR course?

Ans:-4. HR course fees depends on the degree, diploma. If you do degree then its fee will be different, if you do diploma then its fee will be different. But for doing any course in the field of HR, the fees are in lakhs.

Q:-5. What is the full form of HR?

Ans:-5. HR is abbreviated as Human resources. Which is known as Human Resource in Hindi. This is a great course, by doing which you can get a good salary.

Q:- What is the salary of 6 HR?

The salary of HR depends on their experience and position. If you want to get salary information as per job profile. So we have told you about it above. Through which you can easily get the salary information of HR.

What are the functions of HR?

Various types of work are done by HR. Like: – It is the responsibility of an HR to recruit new employees in the company, see the specialty of the employees, manage the entire management, take interviews and do all the important tasks. Information about this has also been given above.

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