Sainik School Admission Form: सैनिक स्कूल एडमिशन फॉर्म भरना शुरू, जल्दी भर दो

विद्यालय में आवेदन पत्र: Sainik School System is an ordinary public school run by Sainik School Society. The Indian Ministry of Education and National Testing Agency conducts an entrance exam every year।

Students who pass the All India Sainik School entrance examination are guaranteed to be admitted to the country’s Sainik Schools। Lakhas of students in the country take part in Sainik School entrance examination, and are eligible to be admitted to selected Sainik Schools in the country।

Like every year, in 2023, the Central Government started the All India Sainik Schools registration process on November 7, 2023। All candidates from the country who wish to receive education under the patronage of Sainik Schools are allowed to register for the entrance examination। Registration for Sainik School Entrance Examination has been extended until 16 deadline of December 2023, within which all applicants must submit their successful applications।

Sainik School is one of the country’s leading government schools where students receive higher education. This ensures that all students who attend these schools have a bright future and are able to receive military training। You can register for this if you are also an experienced parent and want to get your children enrolled in Sainik Schools। यदि आप चाहते हैं कि आप इस लेख से सभी महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त करें, तो आप Sainik School में दाखिला ले सकते हैं।

Sainik School Admission Form

For students who want to get admission in Sainik School, it will be mandatory for them to register to appear in the entrance examination. A written examination will be organized for the candidates who successfully apply for the entrance examination of Sainik School. Only if the students are successful in the entrance examination, they will be able to get education under Sainik Schools.

During the entrance examination, Sainik Schools will require all students to solve the question papers that have been prepared। In the entrance exam question paper, questions will be given to the students based on their class base, and all students must solve these questions।

Important student documents will be required for registration to appear in the entrance examination; only on this basis will his application be successful। Important documents for application are required, including applicant’s Aadhaar card, applicant’s migration certificate, parents’ ID, date of birth certificate, residence certificate, date of birth certificate, legal document of single parent, student medical certificate, and applicant’s previous school’s identification।

Eligibility to get Sainik School Admission

The Ministry of Education has set eligibility criteria for students from all over the country who want to be admitted to Sainik School. All students must meet these criteria in order to be admitted। Please follow the steps below to learn about the eligibility criteria for Sainik School admission।

  • To get admission in Sainik Schools, it is necessary for the student to have Indian citizenship because only Indian students can get education in Sainik Schools.
  • For the students of the country who hope to get admission in Sainik School, it is necessary for them to be successful in the entrance examination conducted first of all.
  • If the candidate wants to take admission in Sainik School for class 6th then he should have the latest mark sheet of class 5th.
  • Apart from this, if the candidate wants to get admission in class 9th then it is mandatory for him to have the marks list of class 8th.
  • Along with this, important documents of the student are necessary to get admission.
  • The minimum age of the candidate seeking admission in Sainik School must be between 10 years and maximum age of 15 years.

Sainik School Entrance Exam Fee

Students must pay the examination fee while applying for Sainik School entrance examination; only then they will be able to participate in the examination। Students must pay the entrance examination fee according to their category।

Sainik Schools require all general category and OBC students to pay Rs. 650, while SC/ST reserved category candidates have to pay only Rs. 500।

sainik school entrance exam

Every candidate student will have a written entrance exam at Sainik School। Ministry of Education will conduct the Sainik Schools’ entrance examination in January, following the completion of the application process। Sainik School’s entrance exam is on Sunday। January 21, 2024, when all applicants students must register their presence for the exam at the center they have chosen।

The entrance examination for Sainik Schools in the country will be conducted in 186 cities and examination centers will be set up at specific places for the examination. The entrance examination is to be conducted successfully on the basis of written form under which multiple choice questions will be provided in the question paper for the candidates. For those students who have registered for admission in Sainik Schools, it

As a preparation for the entrance examination, all candidates must complete the syllabus of their previous class. On this basis, questions will be asked in the entrance examination। As a preparation for the entrance examination, all candidates must complete the syllabus of their previous class. On this basis, questions will be asked in the entrance examination।

More information about Sainik School

Sainik School, India’s very famous education system। VK Krishna designed Sainik School in 1961। India currently has 51 Sainik Schools। At present, the country has 33 old Sainik Schools and 18 Sainik Schools। India’s soldier schools are famous because they make students skilled in the reservation of Security Academy। In a study that is related to all the Sainik This Sainik School is under the Central Board of Education Consultancy, according to Schools of India Central Board of Commerce Education Consultancy।

How to register online for Sainik School?

All India Sainik Schools require registration for the entrance examination। Registration for Sainik School can now be done online on the official website of the school. All applicants can easily complete the registration by following the steps below and take part in the entrance examination of Sainik School। May be eligible।

  • To register, go to the official website.
  • The option of new registration will appear on the home page of the website, you will have to click on it.
  • After clicking on it, you will have to fill your important details like name, email, mobile number, DOB and other important information.
  • Now OTP will come on your mobile number for verification, it will have to be entered in the designated place.
  • With completion of verification process you have to create username and password and click on submit button, you are successfully registered.
  • Now you have to click on the login button and login to your account with the help of your user ID and password.
  • After this, select the student who is being registered for admission in class 10th.
  • All important details of the student have to be recorded carefully.
  • Important documents required by the student will have to be scanned and uploaded.
  • After entering the details the entrance examination fee has to be paid.
  • Now in the last step you have to submit to make the registration successful.
  • Your registration for the entrance examination for Sainik School admission will be successful.

After the entrance examination for Sainik Schools is completed, the candidates who are successful will be shortlisted on a merit list, and students will also receive counseling for admission। Many students have had difficulties in registering for Sainik School Admission। Sainik School Society has provided helpline support to all candidates in order to accomplish this। 011 4075 9000 is the number you can call to resolve any issues related to Sainik School।

When will the Sainik School forms be filled?

From 7th November 2023 to 16th December 2023, you can apply online for Sainik School।

Will there be entrance exam fee for Sainik School?

Yes, it is necessary to pay the entrance examination fee, which is ₹ 650 for general and OBC category, and ₹ 500 for reserved and SC/ST category।

What is the helpline number for Sainik School?

Sainik School has provided a helpline number: 011 4075 9000 for any questions or issues।

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